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Data Feed Tool Kit

JATO’s feature-rich platform helps to define requirements for a data feed:

  • Formats to suit all needs – ANSI and SQL - implementation on any database currently available
  • Historical databases for perfect compatibility with former systems and databases
  • Consistent configuration across 45 different countries and languages
  • Adapted licences available to feed into your quotation system even with open websites for drivers or fleet managers
  • Photography option for less familiar makes or models

Configurator Tools
We strive to meet even the most exacting of customer requirements. We can build bespoke web-based vehicle configuration tools, or e-quotation systems to exact specification.

  • Advanced data provision eliminates the possibility of error.  Ahead of time feed into the quotation system means easy management of price changes
  • JATO flexibility even extends to provision of adapted licences for construction of a web-based vehicle configuration tool to define car policy

Comparator Solutions
JATO comparator solutions facilitate pedigree vehicle configurations, and depreciation analyses.

Vehicles can then be compared for best relevance to end-user needs, and to meet financial and environmental requirements.

Our intelligence only allows customers to build vehicles that can be factory ordered, but features that are optional on one product and standard on another are available.

"Our databases are available in different local languages" 


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