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Benefits for your Business

Beat new market paths
JATO consultants help manufacturers and importers to spot changing product trends and emerging market opportunities.

Match Supply and Demand
JATO’s detailed data monitors changes in demand across 50 markets worldwide.

Understand New Markets
JATO offers a deep insight into the dynamics of unfamiliar, uncharted and developing territories.

Competitive Pricing and Specifications
Analyse vehicle specifications of every competitor for competitive pricing of new product launches.

Simplify the Options Market
Perform quick and easy comparisons to maximize profit from options.

Identify Winners and Losers
Scan markets and manufacturers for best and worst model ranges to pinpoint opportunities.

True Value for Money Analysis
Compare value for money against competitive models.

Benefits to Component Manufacturers
Track trend changes by vehicle sales or certain standard features.

Benefits to Financial Analysts
Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of model lines, and corporate positioning.

Benefits to Advertising Agencies
Information to enhance launch campaigns for new and improved models.


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