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Our Research Philosophy

Market research is the cornerstone of every JATO automotive product and service. Accuracy is paramount to our success. We pride ourselves on three fundamental criteria:

  • Timeliness: Rapid response to market events
  • Accuracy: Up-to-date precision is the hallmark of JATO data
  • Completeness: Comprehensive intelligence to encompass all customer needs

Our solutions are evolving with the ever-changing shape of the automotive industry.

This means JATO market intelligence - historical and current – is proven to be the most comprehensive and accurate available in the world.

Our mandate to recruit research personnel local to each country in which we operate means close contact with local manufacturers and importers. As a result, we can react quickly and efficiently to market changes.

All JATO researchers undergo rigorous training and continuous supervision. Our quality assurance process demands that the team is on track and consistent in fulfilling customer needs.

Contact JATO to discover how your business can benefit from our approach to automotive market research.

"We are committed to being involved in the industry's key processes, constantly improving value to our customer" 


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