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Fleet & Leasing

Vehicle leasing and finance represent a growing and dynamic sector of the automotive industry.

This sophisticated environment is subject to frequent changes in legislation, business operation and consumer trends. Provision of accurate and timely information is imperative. (Motor Finance article - November 2009)

The advantages of JATO are fast becoming requisite to industry players such as banks, credit companies and vehicle leasing organizations for many reasons:

  • Reliable information for customer quotation systems
  • Daily updates in a rapidly-changing market place
  • Meticulously accurate data reducing customer calculation errors
  • Feature-rich platform and world class comparison and configuration
  • Products and services backed by a strong Service Level Agreement
  • Advanced information gives customers a leading insight into product changes and additions
  • JATO’s option build rules ensure only ‘factory-correct’ vehicles can be ordered within our client’s systems

"JATO's reputation in the fleet management and vehicle finance industries is second-to-none"