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The JATO team spans 175 research staff, 45 worldwide markets, and locally sourced information.  The decision-making process is fed from our global databanks, with a staggering wealth of intelligence, unparalleled in detail and accuracy.

Core strengths and Advantages

The JATO Analysis team comprises decades of combined industry expertise.  When blended with sourced intelligence, an incredibly powerful, and indispensable tool is bred: best of breed in intelligence and expertise.

A complete understanding of JATO data
The JATO Analysis team works daily with the most comprehensive automotive intelligence resource in the world. You can rest assured, we know how best to exploit that information and maximize the end results for customers.

You can opt for a report customized to your company’s unique perspective.  JATO Analysis can drive analysis down to your industry area - and we can even identify that for you, too.

Low Inertia in Response to Urgent Enquiries
Expectation is as important to us as to you - our success is defined by yours. And we fully expect you to expect the unexpected. JATO is ever-aware of rapid industry developments, the need to match competitors’ moves – often requiring last minute requests.

The JATO Analysis team is ready to react with ad-hoc or regular reports, provision of information, analysis or advice.