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Product Development

Stage two

With market trends established, specification and development comes to the fore. Identification of key components and features of a vehicle are vital to successfully define the concept competitively.

JATO is fundamental to the definitive stages of product planning and research and development teams to successfully consider:

  • Weight and dimensions
  • Powertrain configuration
  • Important specification items
  • Competitive components - performance, economy, safety, comfort, cost of ownership
  • Modelling of equipment and pricing based on competitive specifications
  • Emerging trends in specification availability – through market sectors
  • Track popularity of options, aiding decision-making on standardized features
  • Comparative analysis of total cost of ownership - particularly important in fleet, leasing and finance areas

Select the product lifecycle stage that interests you for further information.

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1. Strategic Product Planning 2. Product Development 3. Commercial Planning 4. Local Market Packaging & Positioning 5. Production Planning 6. Product Launch 7. Retailing 8. Evaluation



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