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Product Launch

Stage six

JATO recognizes the demand for cohesive teamwork throughout a new product launch.

JATO solutions are devised to enhance personnel involvement down the line from sales and marketing, through to dealership personnel.

JATO’s solutions and detailed information are invaluable assets for new model positioning.

Our solutions enhance manufacturer communications with retail and fleet sales personnel via:

  • Demonstrable key advantages of new model vs competitor, including comparably equipping to the same specification
  • Cost of ownership benefits of the new model vs competitors
  • Forecast sales targets from existing data
  • Evidence of price and specification trends leading to rationale for new model features

A comprehensive eLearning solution ensures these features are easily absorbed and understood for practical use, and can even be incorporated into consumer-facing websites for a truly invaluable tool for the end customer.

All data is reliably real time for accurate comparative review no matter the stage of the product launch cycle.

Select the product lifecycle stage that interests you for further information. 


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1. Strategic Product Planning 2. Product Development 3. Commercial Planning 4. Local Market Packaging & Positioning 5. Production Planning 6. Product Launch 7. Retailing 8. Evaluation



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