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Strategic Product Planning

Stage one

At the earliest stages of the product lifecycle, product planning teams need to efficiently identify key market and sector trends. JATO’s integrated global solutions reveal invaluable price, specification, sales and registration information.

Product planning is revolutionized when emerging trends in specification availability at segment, market, regional or global level can be identified.

Analysis of the financial values of segments and markets supports decision-making on where to introduce new products.

In addition, JATO’s global news service delivers invaluable real-time information to planners:

  • Newly launched products across market segments
  • Competitors’ concept models
  • Insider stories from automotive shows
  • Immediate, unrivalled overview of industry developments and predicted trends

Select the product lifecycle stage that interests you for further information.

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1. Strategic Product Planning 2. Product Development 3. Commercial Planning 4. Local Market Packaging & Positioning 5. Production Planning 6. Product Launch 7. Retailing 8. Evaluation



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