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JATO is the supplier of choice for vehicle manufacturers including their import and distribution networks.

Our global presence assures customers of seamless integration of information across all solutions.

Manufacturers use JATO products harnessing detailed industry research to support strategic and tactical decision-making on price and product.

Information delivered via internet, desktop and portable platforms comes with our promise of up-to-the-minute accuracy.

The power behind your informed decisions

JATO understands your business challenges. Our role is to partner with your organization to keep you abreast of the latest industry developments at all stages of the product lifecycle, from initial planning through to retail success.

Select the product lifecycle stage that interests you for further information.

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1. Strategic Product Planning 2. Product Development 3. Commercial Planning 4. Local Market Packaging & Positioning 5. Production Planning 6. Product Launch 7. Retailing 8. Evaluation