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JATO Carspecs Overview

Customers face an overwhelming choice and myriad of incentives from manufacturers and dealers all competing for their business. With new ways of purchasing a car, from car retailing operations to specialist online buying websites, customers now have greater access to information than ever before.

What is JATO Carspecs?
JATO Carspecs is a unique vehicle comparison and configuration solution which enables customers to see comprehensively the advantages of one vehicle against another. By moving the sales conversation to advantages and benefits, dealers and manufacturers can use JATO Carspecs to demonstrate why a consumer should purchase their vehicle over one of their competitors.

Ideal for use in a showroom and as part of a manufacturer training programme, JATO Carspecs can help you present your range in an easy to understand way. The system is updated with all vehicle data on a daily basis, so your staff always has access to the latest and most accurate information at their fingertips.

There are multiple ways of purchasing the JATO Carspecs solution. If you already have a website then you can simply incorporate the JATO Carspecs information and customise the site to meet your existing corporate identity. Alternatively create a dedicated website keeping control of the look and feel, which can be created by you, or with the help of our accredited development partners. 

What are the benefits for me?  
Whatever sector of the automotive business you work in, JATO Carspecs provides the automotive intelligence that can make a difference and keep you ahead of your competition. Using JATO Carspecs as your channel to the car market allows you to:

  • Sell more cars and light commercial vehicle 
  • Attract users to your website
  • Build your brand image
  • Provide up-to-date car information to sales staff

JATO Carspecs allows you to give your customers the power to search for the car conveniently, quickly and in their own time. Once they've made their choice, it's simply a case of placing the order with you. What could be easier?

JATO Carspecs gives you the information your customers need - simply, rapidly and accurately. No opinions, no biased reviews - just the facts.

If you would like to talk to anyone about JATO Carspecs, please contact us.



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