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JATO comes into its own when customers ask that all-important question;

“What are the key advantages of this vehicle against another model I’m considering?”

Our solutions transform a potentially tense decision-making process into a great sales opportunity. By configuring a vehicle to match that of a competitive product, as the customer intends to buy them, the key advantages over the competition are clearly demonstrable, and the solution is tailored to present advantages by manufacturer.

The data can be printed out, or sent in PDF format directly to the customer’s inbox.

Real-time information means dealers will have to hand comparisons boasting accuracy far superior to manufacturer-derived information.

JATO eLearning technology allows new personnel to rapidly understand how the solutions fit with the sales process.

Sales personnel can be certain of keeping abreast of industry developments, and likely ramifications to their product: JATO’s competitive comparison solutions announce product, pricing, specification and incentive developments as they happen in the ever-changing marketplace.



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