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Commercial Planning

Stage three

JATO solutions are integral to manufacturers’ success in building a robust business case and demonstrate commercial viability of a proposed product.

JATO solutions facilitate establishment of target competitors based on their competitors’ best selling versions, to keep price planners focused on areas likely to yield the greatest revenue opportunity.

Planning teams can use JATO solutions to establish vehicle specification: define features that should be standard at model or trim level, to avoid launching a vehicle that is either under or over specified.

Pricing planners can use JATO's solutions to single out the opportunities for maximum revenue potential to successfully establish price positioning of the product. Competitive analysis allows for a future model line-up, refined to challenge competitive products and pricing.

Finally detailed incentive data allows planners to assess the potential impact of an incentive programme on the new line-up, compared to target competitors.

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1. Strategic Product Planning 2. Product Development 3. Commercial Planning 4. Local Market Packaging & Positioning 5. Production Planning 6. Product Launch 7. Retailing 8. Evaluation